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When people are successfully employed, they contribute to the wellbeing of our society rather than becoming a burden.” 

– David Egan, HELP Committee Witness

We need your help to pass this initiative and be able to make this reform effort a reality.  There are many ways you can make a difference, here are a few ideas:


We need to spread the word about this initiative as much as we can in order to be able to make a difference legislatively and administratively. To do so, we will need you to go out and inform your community about the importance of this initiative. You can do so by holding informational sessions, sending out emails, and more. The more people involved, the bigger the impact we can make, and the more lives we can improve!

Tell us your story!

Send us your own testimonial (video or text) about how SSI has affected your life and the impact CareerACCESS can have on your life and career. By personalizing this initiative, we will be able to reach and motivate more people to take action and pressure Congress to reform its current Social Security disability policies.  The guidelines attached will give you an idea on how to format your testimonials.

Testimonials Tips

Contact your representatives!

Contact your Congress representatives to urge them to support this reform initiative. Explain to them the importance and urgency of the CareerACCESS Program. We need them to advocate for this program as well!

Follow us on our different social media sites!

You can follow our website and like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date on what is happening regarding this initiative. You can also share our posts with your friends and community so we can reach as many people as we can.

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