Career Coaches

CareerACCESS participants will work with specially-trained coaches. CareerACCESS Coaches can be either new positions or existing ones. In either case, they must be trained for this role so that they can respond effectively to the missing pieces of disability employment policy. These skills are focused on developing employment, benefits and economic empowerment skills. The CareerACCESS Coaching methodology is designed to support and ensure that each CareerACCESS participant discovers and achieves their employment potential. In addition, the CareerACCESS Coaching component will help individuals navigate the complex systems that are often required to obtain the goods, services, and supports needed to succeed in their careers.

CareerACCESS Coaching techniques will also help participants, and young adults with disabilities in particular, grow the self-confidence, social capital, and other workplace skills required in today’s marketplace. Professional development courses, peer mentoring relationships, and internships will be available to CareerACCESS participants through the CareerACCESS Coaches. The CareerACCESS Implementation Plan defines in greater detail the key competencies and subjects needed to be learned by Career Coaches. In addition, the CareerACCESS Implementation Plan offers a position comparison chart, as well as recommendations on how to integrate the position into an existing organization and programs.

Career Coaches Fact Sheet

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