Individualized Career Plans

In support of the CareerACCESS effort, an Individualized Career Plan (ICP) is used to support the interactive process as well as plan for and track progress. Recognizing that a CareerACCESS Coach provides a variety of services focused on aiding individuals in identifying actionable steps toward a meaningful career experience, it is important to capture the effort in a written document.
Furthermore, in support of the recommended policy changes, the CareerACCESS ICP should become a federally-approved document that is a requirement to remain eligible for continuing benefits. Until the point in time when CareerACCESS is integrated into the federal structure, the CareerACCESS ICP will be piloted to demonstrate its value in guiding the career planning and evaluation process. The CareerACCESS Implementation Plan provides a sample CareerACCESS ICP and further guidance on its use.

Individualized Career Plans Fact Sheet

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