Training Program

The CareerACCESS approach of using Coaches and ICPs comes with training for the professionals who are implementing the model.  This will help ensure professionals obtain coaching and ICP skills to integrate into their work. Onsite or online sessions are provided for professionals on CareerACCESS Coaching techniques, developing personal employment vision for a client, and completing the CareerACCESS ICP.

CareerACCESS is also complimented by WID’s evidence-based curriculum, first created at the University of California, Berkeley and replicated at other locations. As a package of instructional topics on fundamental skills development in both employment ambition and workplace competitive skills, the training reverses the negativity people with disabilities have encountered around building their employment expectations and ambitions. WID also trains professionals on how to use the curriculum as embedded ICP activities to create a robust CareerACCESS Coaching, ICP and Training powerhouse of tools and approaches that delivers fresh and empowering employment opportunities.

The CareerACCESS Training Program also addresses the central disability and employment strategies which need to be discussed and resolved in order to build self-confidence.  By exploring the fundamental truths about the world of work and how to manage a disability in that world, the curriculum is complemented by content to understand and develop competitive workplace skills in a modern economy. Our WID team will guide professionals through the curriculum in a “train the professionals” format in order for the curriculum to be taught locally by empowered CareerACCESS Coaches with enhanced toolkits of proven training content.  Learn more about the curriculum on the WID E3 Empowerment page.

Examples of the online instructional materials are available at the College to Careers webpage.

The evidence demonstrating the potential impact on students with disabilities is in this Evidence about This Course PDF.



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