CareerACCESS is looking for an intern!

A collaboration of agencies, led by The World Institute on Disability, is looking for a young adult with disabilities to intern with us assisting to promote CareerACCESS.

CareerACCESS pilot programs will be created by changes in federal policy aimed at significantly increasing the employment rate of people with disabilities by expecting young adults with disabilities ages 18 through 30 to work. CareerACCESS will provide required support and services recognizing that disability benefits are offsets to the high costs of disability rather than subsidies for the inability to work.

Working as a team, our tasks will include:

  1. Growing the number of agencies partnering for Career ACCESS from 4 to 10.
  2. Increasing the number of young adults with disabilities advocating for CareerACCESS to at least 100.
  3. Educating at least 4 agencies active in economic development as to why they should include people with disabilities in their central mission.
  4. Producing at least four 3-minute videos describing CareerACCESS.
  5. Updating CareerACCESS Legislative Summary.
  6. Communicating with at least 6 foundations that may be interested in funding different aspects of CareerACCESS.
  7. Meeting with workforce development administrators in at least 5 states.
  8. Facilitating workshops on CareerACCESS at the NCIL Conference.
  9. Engaging at least 10 legislators who are members of the HELP and Appropriation committees.

The intern will work directly with me, Neil Jacobson, WID Senior Policy Consultant and leader of the CareerACCESS core team, assisting with communication and program activities. The intern will work primarily from their home an average of 10 hours per week for $15 per hour. Some travel will be required.

If you are interested, please email your resume and cover letter to me at Please let me know if you have any questions.